Dear Sirs,

Our company Polgoods Benelux, situated in Breda, The Netherlands, is active on the international market of wooden based products since 1990.

During years 1990 – 2003 the company beard the name Paged Benelux B.V. and was owned by Paged S.A., Warsaw, Poland.

In the year 2004 Paged Benelux B.V. has been bought by Mr. S. Kotyński the former managing director of the company.

This was followed by changing the name of Paged Benelux B.V. in Polgoods Benelux  in order to increase the cooperation with different Polish wood processing mills and in order to stress the fact that the products imported by us on the Benelux market are of Polish origin.

Polgoods Benelux deals with export of following Polish products on the Benelux market like:

plywood, boards, sawn wood, parquet, furniture and garden wood.   

From the year 2005 our company is specialized mainly in trading plywood and different board’s products.

From the beginning on we cooperate closely with the best Polish manufacturers of plywood and boards products.

We are sales representative of wooden based board’s factories like:

Paged Sklejka S.A. in Morąg and in Ełk, Sklejka - Pisz Paged S.A. in Pisz and Sklejka Multi S.A. in Bydgoszcz.

We work also together with Fabryka Fibris S.A. in Przemyśl, Hardex S.A. in Krosno, Grabo SP.Z.O.O. In Grabownica Starzeńska and with many others.

The detailed information of the products, which we offer, can be found in the products section.

We kindly invite you to mutual successful cooperation with us by using our offer.